Monday, February 25, 2008


Since I got hosed with the cancellation of the Golden Globes, I've gone hard core with the Oscar blog...

Worst dressed female: Jennifer Hudson...we will never hear from her again

What is this Cameron, prom??? FIX YOUR HAIR!

Love George, hate the girlfriend...what color is her hair? Clearly not natural...

This is a trainwreck! She looks like she has antennas on her shoulders and he is wearing brown shoes!!! I don't care if you gave an Oscar winning performance!

LOVED YOU in Clayton! I thought you deserved the victory, but this dress is a disaster! It looks like a sack....

Worst use of baby glow: Cate Blanchett

Female Hall of Fame Winner: Heidi Klum

I'm a giant scientologist tangerine!

She cleans up nice: Amy Ryan

Worst Facial Hair: James McAvoy

Distinguised Lady: Ruby Dee! You are SMOKING!

Male Hall of Fame: George Clooney; now get rid of the arm candy!

I think Nicole might actually break in half! What is happening here?

This is Ellen's choice for best dressed-but I don't know...something is not right

Miley Cyrus-so cute, age approrpriate, smart and disciplined!

So, I hear you are dating my dream boy Javier...bitch!

I'm sorry but the fish scales just do NOTHING for me...but for some reason, she pulls this off

Cutest couple 1; Diane Lane and Josh Brolin

Cutest couple 2; Steve Carrell and his wife Nancy

Distinguised Gent Award: Tom Wilkinson. Brilliant in Clayton! Looks like the brit he is!

And now for my bests:

Amy Adams; love the green, love the faux bag, LOVE IT!!!

Keri Russell; the fit is impeccable...she looks like a goddess, albeit a very skinny goddess

Best Bling (worst hair): Laura Linney. I want that necklace

Best Bling with ok hair: Jennifer Garner. Looks effortless

Best use of preggers glow: Jessica Alba. She is always well put together and I LOVE this color...the only thing I would have done differently, lost the feathers.


JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

That person from Michael Clayton - whoever she is - looked like a raven got away from the tower of London. Yuck. Agree completely on the jewelry - that necklace Laura Linney had on was fabu as was Amy Adams' retro purse. I loved them both. I think George Clooney's gal pal looked good but just by being his girlfriend she's a bitch. I liked Heygl's dress, Ruby Dee too (all class). Jessica Alba is too damn beautiful. Daniel Day-Lewis looked like shit. I loved that the song from Once won. I just saw that movie last week and it was such a nice little film. They're an adorable duo. It's nice to get other opinions - the hubby doesn't have much to say.

Lisa said...

Sorry to ruin your dilusions, Javier is mine, sweetie. He's into tigers.


Jana said...

What is with George Clooney's girlfriend? I don't understand he's like the most desirable person around couldn't he find someone with some smarts or talent or something? She's pretty but... what else? He's a great actor and director, etc and she was on Fear Factor??? It makes no sense! Them and when Lance Armstrong was dating one of the Olsen twins-that I don't get either!