Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best is show...and things to think about BEFORE you get a beagle

Yeah for Uno! He bayed and seemed to know he was the best dog in dog world. He was gorgeous and frisky and amazing! A snoopy finally gets it's day.

Here is the judging video, just in case you missed me, you enjoy watching the poodle get TROUNCED! Uno kicks poodle ass!

But before you run out an adopt a beagle, please remember the following:

1) Beagles follow their noses. They are not dogs you can take to the beach to run off leash...they get a scent and they are gone. There is nothing worse than a missing beagle.

2) Beagles love to eat trash. You will need to purchase a heavy duty (I have a Simple Human) trash can and potentially need to install locks on this trash can. Trash can make for very sick dogs. This may also apply to your 'frig (Molly learned to open my fridge!).

3) Beagles are stubborn. Just this morning, Finn outright REFUSED to go outside. Of course the back yard looked like an ice skating ring and it was pouring rain, but seriously, cleaning up pee and poop kind of sucks.

4) Beagles can be loud...just ask my neighbor Eliza Jane how she feels about my which I say, you live in a row house, if you want silence, move to the suburbs!

5) Beagles are smart. They may look all cute and moronic...but they know what they are doing ALL THE TIME. They are always on to you and on to how to be naughty or make a mess or do something they shouldn't be (even if it is so cute!)

6) Beagles can have health problems; in particular back problems requiring our Harry who had a laminectomy for a slipped disc several years ago. Yes the operation was successful and Harry has led a full active life, but it is also expensive ($3000-$5000) and has a bit of a slow recovery time


1) Beagles are affectionate, loving, snuggly, friendly, protective, humerous and good with kids
1a) Beagles want to be your companion, best friend and confidante
2) Dogs Rule; Beagles rule dog world.
3) Beagles need to be rescued! Before you look at a breeder check out rescue groups. Beagles are used frequently for research and vet training (including here at VHUP/Penn Vet where I work) and of course, for hunting. Dogs who don't "cut it" at hunting are often left to fend for themselves and end up strays. Gus and Molly were both failed hunting dogs. Finn's mom was shot in a hunting accident. Maggie was a lab bred beagle

That is my beagle public service notice...congrats to Uno!


Kim said...

Yay for Uno! He really is cute in that video. Good tips for people thinking about owning a beagle- I have two bassets and a lot of those rules apply to mine as well. (Mainly the getting in the trash thing...)

Donna said...

Thank you for your wise words. So many people flock to the pet stores after Westminster looking for that cute doggy that won. There is no consideration past the cuteness - such as how much energy the dog has, are they difficult to train, do they require alot of grooming, etc...

Congrats to Uno!

jamie said...

I'm impressed about the fridge opening. I guess opposable thumbs aren't such a big deal after all. Sounds like you have some amazing beasties.