Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring Preview

I took this photo of Gussy in the front yard yesterday

Today is planting day, so more to follow:


Shorty said...

What a sweet baby face. Makes you want to "HUG HIM AND KISS HIM AND HUG HIM AND KISS HIM!!!" Lucky you, you actually get to do just that.

Do you guys have any podcast plans soon? I really miss the show.


joann, wynnewood said...

You forgot to mention the snow last weekend. We also planted - mostly herbs. I'm getting ready for some serious fresh herbs. We also planted some seeds - cukes and beans with the little boys next door. They came to play with the dog - not plant but I said no plant no picking and they love to pick cukes. Now, a wait until the harvest.
Your containers look great.

Carol said...

Just stop. Stop! It is too cute. I am going to die of extreme cuteness.