Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Secret Pal Swag

Thanks to my GEORGIA PEACH for the fabu secret pal box of fun!
Look what I got:

In this photo, Maggie is exploring the goodies. I got a great ball of sock yarn & a new binder for patterns, personalized, complete with beagle. Inside is a KICKIN' sock pattern. SP also sent treats for the kids, some LOVELY smelling bath goodies, a REALLY cute beagle magnet which adorns my filing cabinet in my office and some Weight Watchers candies ( my FAVORITE--even though I've been totally going crazy on Reses Peanut Butter Eggs lately).

Maggie and Gussy enjoyed their special gifts too:

They had also just had baths! I've got the best smelling hound dogs in the world! I tried Kiehls new dog shampoo and conditioner...YUMMMMMMMM. These dogs look amazing; and boy are they super soft too!

So, last week, before the worst Wednesday of my life, I decided to ABORT the Highland Triangle in the Rowan Felted Tweed. As I sat here knitting last Monday night, the yarn just pulled right apart. I know I pull my yarn tightly, but this was ridiculous. I decided the entire thing was going to be spit spliced. I returned the aforementioned yarn and started over again in my old standby favorite, Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. I'm through the first two repeats---

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...I am just afraid I'm not going to finish it in time for the trip...STAY ON TARGET. The trip is just 6 weeks away and I've got some SERIOUS knitting to do.

Anyone been to any good yarn places in Ireland or Scotland? Details please!!!!


Secret Pal said...

I am glad you liked your package! Your top picture is hilarious - I have a dog and cats, and that is exactly what 75% of my attempts to photograph my knitting projects look like. :)

Also I am totally with you on the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn! Have you seen their new Royal yarn? I saw a swatch knitted up and man would that make a niiiiice sweater. Of course at $40/skein I guess it better!

Colleen said...

Hi! I just discovered the Knitting Neels blog. She's a knitter in Ireland. http://www.knittingneels.com/index.php
She has a link in her sidebar giving directions to yarn stores in Ireland.

We lost our beagle to renal failure 2 years ago. It happend so fast. He didn't eat yarn but he ate almost everything else. We still have the refrigerator door lock that we had to install after he taught himself to open the fridge & help himself. None of my friends with 2 legged children have fridge locks.

Take care & have a blast on your trip.

Bridget said...

When I was in Ireland, I visited both the Glendalough Woollen Mills, and the Avoca Weavers (btw, their cafe is great!). Both were really wonderful trips.

I was only in Dublin for a day, and it was a Sunday, so the places I'd hoped to see were closed. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Enjoy your trip!