Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Phillies are Shunned

Dear Phillies Mgmt

It is time to fire the (owner's) Manual.

Seriously. What is going on? We are the WORST team in baseball-except for J Roll who actually IS hitting the ball.

I'm available for consultation and management of the baseball team...and I'm not afraid to stand up to Howard (F****) Eskin.

Using a technique employed by the Amish and Dwight on "The Office" I am shunning you.

A Devoted Fan


Laurie said...

Tough love, the shunning.

Hope it works.

Gina said...

Oh, as a native of Philadelphia and someone who's lived there for nearly 35 years, I feel your pain, deeply. Where is Von Hayes when you need him??? :-P

Carol said...

Are you going to unshun for the Stitch n Pitch?