Thursday, March 23, 2006


T and I are back from our mini break in Cape Cod. We lament regularly the need to support ourselves financially and thus, have to come to work every day instead of spending the days knitting; which is what we really want to be doing.

We even scoped out a place for our yarn shop in Cape Cod; a perfect little space located in Christmas Tree Plaze, snuggled between Trader Joes and Yankee Candle. Something tells me we might hit some good traffic there...

Anyway, on our drive back, Trish and I got to reminiscing about our knitting history. We were listening to "Cast On" and then decided to tell our own sweater stories, mostly centered around our impeccable taste that happens to be strangely similar and thus, we like to knit the same sweaters. First on our list was the Koigu sweater.

This sweater was truly a labor of love. Lots and lots of Koigu...hours spent pondering colorways and combos with Grace and Courtney on the floor at Rosie's. The pattern is from Vogue Knittings anniversary issue a few years back. T and I knitted this sweater three years ago, as we took them to New Orleans with us and knitted on the plane, in the hotel etc. The tiny needles, the monotony of knitting knit stitch after knit stitch (the sweater was knit in the round until the arm holes), worrying about having enough yarn, almost knocking someone out at the Mannings booth at Sheep and Wool for that one skein of P310 that I felt I needed to finish, the countless pattern changes as I have short arms, pointy shoulders and a bigger bust...all of it came together...eventually...for both of us. The sweater also brought Trish and I back together...we had a falling out over that summer. I finished the sweater that fall...and couldn't wait to tell Trish. It was the beginning of the rebirth of our friendship---which continues today.
So I like this idea of telling stories about our knitting and how the stitches weave us together.

Anyway, this weekend, Trish and I made Baby Bobbi Bears; hers for soon to be niece Nora and mine for my favorite knitting muse, Julianna. Short of doing the eyes and nose, we completed them over the weekend and decided we were NEVER knitting with Blue Sky Cotton again as the cramps ruptured through our hands and fingers.

So photos of the Koigu sweaters, bears and our newest projects will follow this weekend.
Next week starts the Folk Shawls Knit A Long at Loop...I'm anxious about the Lace already.

Someone, hold me and tell me everything will be all right.

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Wendy said...

My Koigu sweater, alas, went by way of the moths . . . sigh. Welcome back -looking forward to "class" with ya on Saturday!