Friday, March 03, 2006

The Blahs

I'm ready for spring.
I'm tired of the feeling of mohair itching my neck as I pull it tighter and tighter to keep out the cold March winds. Winter is holding on tight here in Philly. I remember my first Spring in Philly--it was so mild all of March. It was glorious. I can recall watching the NCAA tourney with my windows open in Grad "B", a cold Yuengling in my hand and cheers for the Quakers at the top of my voice. Those were good times...

Anyway, I have the post Olympics knitting blues. I hate everything I'm working on. I messed up my landscape shawl (seed stitch section, of course!) and really, WHY DO I THINK THAT I CAN CONQUER MY INABILITY TO KNIT LACE? I browsed through all my back Interweave's and Vogue Knitting magazines last weekend, trying to find something that "spoke" to me to wear for the weddings. I had finally decided on a gorgeous Trellis Lace Pattern from Vogue and then, before buying yarn, decided to swatch on some other stash I had and see if I could master the pattern. Let me just say that in four patterns rows, I lost 6 +++ stitches. So I hate yo's and sk2psso BLAH BLAH BLAH.
I'm back to plan a; mom and I will pick out material and she will SEW me something.
My dress has arrived. And on that note, this week's weight loss total; 22 pounds.
Maybe I'll actually be looking forward to the fittings...

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Anna said...

Hang in there...winter is almost over. At least it is not February anymore!