Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pathetic Daffodils

Okay...for the love of God I need Spring to come. I have a major case of the doldrums and my poor Daffodils, which typically are my favorite spring flower, look so sad out there in my barren, nasty front yard. And yesterday, it was very cold and fall. All I wanted to do was cozy up in front of the fire...instead I discovered a new mecca...Wegmans.

Money, Heather and I ventured to Jersey to shop at the grocery store to end all grocery stores...Wegmans. Now we know Wegmans from our days in upsate New York, and we were thrilled when the family owned chain finally made its way to the Delaware Valley. The place was MOBBED...even in the pouring rain. After two and a half hours and filling three carts (one for each of us, not three on my own!!!), we made it out of there alive...dreaming of all the yummy's we would be making in the next few weeks. This place has it all...unbelievable produce, an international foods section including British and Irish specialties...not just the typical Indian, Mediterrean and Asian delights you can get at most markets. I picked up some English Mustard for my brother in law Mike's birthday and fantasized about an international food expo at my house. Then there was the "lotion and potions" section...including aveda, kiss my face and about 7 million other varieties of stuff. I wanted to lather it all over me in the middle of the aisle. Anyway...Wegman's is the BOMB---Trader Joes, Fresh Fields and your favorite baseline grocery store all in one. If anyone EVER wants to journey the 20 miles to Moorestown with me, I'll drive.

Finally, I'm in a knitting RUT. I hate everything I'm working on. I hate the feel of yarn between my fingers. I hate thinking about knitting. There I feel better. Let me keep working on the stupid twisty turns before I throw something through a windown. Someone HELP ME GET OUT OF THE RUT!!!!! I'm trying with the Yarn Harlot's new book...but it isn't quite working. I ordered some yarn from Elann for my first smaller size cardi for summer. It was a disaster and will be sold immediately on ebay. I can't even complete a stupid herringbone stitch patter in two colors correctly. I'm a serious messy pants when it comes to yarn these days.
The sensai needs rest.

Wendy, we are drinking after "class" Saturday.


Wendy said...

Ten Stone awaits!


Sherry W said...

I don't recall Weggies being so upscale/specialty in the old New York days. Of course I wasn't really food shopping then.