Saturday, March 11, 2006


Spring has least for a few days. It is so gorgeous out.
I went to the flower show last night which cemented my need for blooming bulbs and fragrant breezes. Today we have a doggie date at Aunt Jane's. The pups don't even know what they are in for as they snooze away on the couch. I have made a new window seat in the downstairs livingroom which Mag is taking quite nicely too. I'll attach photos of the doggie party, flower show and the like later.

So last week while hanging at LOOP, I got very jealous of everyone's knitting journals/bibles.
I guess I thought that while blogging, I was creating my own virtual reality knitting journal. But in retrospect, I'm longing for something tangible that I can bring with me to yarn shops and bring out like the red badge of courage...I conquered this and I struggled with that, but it is done. So last night, I dragged Allison Kelsey into the Hello Kitty Palace next door to Penang and bought a fabu Chococat notebook (designed like a steno pad that is left handed friendly)...but now I don't know where to in the park tomorrow we will discuss.
That's the other thing I'm excited about! SUNDAY KNITTING IN THE PARK! I guess I am coming out of hybernation.

PS Congrats to my sister's pal Sarah on your pregnancy! Sarah is the bomb and will be a great mommy. Allie, you will be an awesome Auntie Bach. It is a great role to play, trust me.

And finally Jury Duty was the best. Clearly I wasn't picked. I was brought in to a pool of 40 for a criminal trial and as we walked to the courtroom, we were stopped and dismissed. It was 1045. And my day off began...
I can't wait to do Jury Duty again.


Wendy said...

I think we've been foiled! Rain rain go away! Drat. I'll call you re: Plan B!


Merrill Mason said...

That rain. Couldn't leave the nest. Would love to talk re/ starting a knitting notebook. I've thought a lot about it over the years (I have years & years of art/design notebooks) and promote it regularly with all my students and interns. The notebook habit is a proven creative boon. Fun too, and deliciously self-indulgent.