Friday, December 02, 2005

Revenge of the DENGUE

I feel like ASS again. This time however, it is a raging sinus infection causing multiple ingestions of mucinex, ibuprofen and augmentin. Maggie is in beagle heaven, chewing and disposing of pieces parts of Kleenex throughout the house.

As far as Harry is concerned, we are a bit more optimistic. The xray's did not show any mets to his bones/organs and his blood work was great. So Harry goes under the knife Monday afternoon. He'll stay overnight at the vet hospital and then will return to the Joyhouse to recoup after. So think good thoughts for Harry Monday!!!

Almost finished with sock number two for grandma! Just have to finish the toe decreasing and then do the grafting. Also making good headway with Mike's scarf. So, all in all, keeping ahead of holiday knitting and looking forward to what is next for me; finishing Cherry Tree Hill Sweater, Sammy's 5th Birthday Sweater, Fair Isle Mitts (thanks Allison for the pattern!), and socks for daddio. To my amazement, I noticed he had nearly worn through his Princeton Tiger Striped socks from Christmas two year ago. So, I'm ripping the gloves out I was making with the other coveted skein of tiger stripe yarn and making him another pair of the beloved socks. Anyone have experience with using reinforcing yarn? Though, where the sock wore out was on the bottom just below the heel on the bottom of the foot...would such reinforcing yarn work there, or just on heels and toes?

Well I'm going to attempt to lie down now, though every time I do, my sinuses go BONKERS and start to throb. If only I could learn to sleep upright...

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