Monday, December 26, 2005

Festivus at the Joyhouse

Eight dogs.
Six humans.
One Romba!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to all from Cape Cod. It was massive wrapping paper carnage yesterday morning as we tore through the cornocopia of gifts left by one fat man in a red suit.

Here are some photos of our time here at the Joyhouse thus far:

Maggie and Luther chase the Romba through the Great Room.
Dad has named his Romba "Lorena." I have no idea why.

Grandma models her socks. I think they look PERFECT!

The "twins" hang out in the "slammer" while we open gifts

Luther discovers presents and, even better, wrapping paper!

Mom has had enough of the family togetherness thing and pulled out the knife.

Dad and Harry get their HOWL on.

The gift extravaganza

Mike models his knitted hat and scarf

Maggie is exhausted by this thing called "Christmas."

Dad shows off his new Phillies boxers. Why he is wearing them on his head, we will never know.

All in all it was a very lucrative Christmas...though that doesn't seem like the right word to use to describe the haul I received. I was most surprised by my new set of pots and pans. Thanks momala! I also got lots of books, gift cards, knitted gauntlets, and of course, my traveler's map of the world that will soon adorn the livingroom at my house. I'm sure more silly photos and tales from this holiday break will follow.

Also we watched "The 40 year old Virgin" last night which was hysterical.

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synaesthetica said...

Great pics Christina. It looks like a truly joyous noel. Your Dad is a hoot!