Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In sickness and in health

We Bach's love our beagles no matter what. Today we were faced with a new challenge. Harry has been diagnosed with sarcoma (cancer). He will undergo further testing on Thursday to be sure that he is appropriate surgical candidate for removal of the tumor (yes, it is the thing I found while dogsitting). If it has not metastized, he will have surgery next Monday. I must give kudos to mom and dad for being realistic and honest about how much they want to put Harry through. For now, we will continue to try to insure his comfort and quality of life. Momala and Dadala, remember you always have an oncology social worker on call. Thankfully, Harry certainly has no symptoms and at this time isn't in any pain. I think our primary goal is to get through the holidays with Harry. So think good thoughts for Mr Harry Reilly and his sibs/counsins...

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