Thursday, December 08, 2005

Revenge of Christina

Thank you Allison Kelsey for telling me to take an Ambien last night. Seems what I REALLY needed to get over the dengue was a good nights sleep! I'm FINALLY feeling much better today! I'll be sure to take one again tonight to guarantee I am wide awake and enthusiastic while dealing with the second "winter storm" of the week!

Harry is doing fine! He had his surgery on Monday and returned home Tuesday. The vet estimated the tumor was about three pounds. They seem optimistic at this point as the tumor was encased in muscle and did not seem to have spread. We wait now for the pathology and what is next. My mom was happy to report that Harry snuggled with her Tuesday night and I heard him howl this evening while on the phone with the parental units.

Plowing through yarn at a feverish pace, however, can't post photos of anything as most recipients of knitted gifts read my blog. My father is having a great time "discovering" all of the things we have bought him for Christmas. Dad, there are still two weeks to ago. If you keep this up, we are taking back everything...EVERYTHING. I have a lump of coal for you if you keep this up.

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