Monday, December 05, 2005

Nose transplant

I'm hopeful about the woman in France who received a face transplant because I am going to need a nose transplant. If I don't stop blowing it soon, I swear it is going to fall off. Please forward donor information to knitty delicious.

At least I can knit and sit around and wait for it to snow. My prediction is 3 inches...but by the way people were freaking out at the grocery store, you would think we were going to get 3 feet. Yes, I managed to drag myself to the store for some more chicken soup and sunny delight. Probably not the best idea, but I've got the staples.

Crap, I've got to blow again


Anonymous said...

I am also a dog LOVER! I will keep good thoughts for Harry and just fyi.....I live outside of philly near doylestown. Get some puffs!

Anonymous said...

Just so you can check it out my blog is
Jackie From outside Philly