Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yeastie Beasties

I'm clearly paying Dr. Soli's rent. Gus was at the vet today; aside from being deemed a "drama queen," as he thrased about during his pedicure, he has a massive ear infection---full of yeast and bacteria and white cells. It's shasta mcnasty. So he's on two (oral) meds and a lovely ointment I have to shove in his ear twice a day. POOR GUSSY!

Day 4 SEPTA strike...this officially bites major ass. I really can't afford to keep driving and paying for parking. I mean, I'm lucky, at least I have a car. According to the news, they are not meeting until Sunday, but at that point, the city and state policitians are sitting down with them to try to force an agreement. How long can they keep this up with no pay, no health insurance?

I'm am officially getting my first cold of the season and am bordering on miserable.

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