Saturday, November 05, 2005

dengue fever: stage 3

I've entered stage three.

After taking an Ambien(full 10 mg strength) and sleeping upwards of 12 hours, I am feeling a BIT more functional but still pretty worn out. I think I will have to do the same thing again tonight and continue to try to sleep this out of my body.

Did everyone see Wendy (www:// on the news????
Nice defense girl...
I will never get over the "there is only one way to give a blow job."

On knitting notes, when you are sick and lay on the couch all day, there is an disproportionate amount of time to think about and to knit. I finished grandma's first sock last night...grafting and all. It looks awesome. I also started by school products cashmere hat and continue to work on Mike and Ali's xmas gifts. I've got to start dad's, but I need size two double points which means, darn, a trip to the yarn shop.

I have to go blow my nose.

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