Saturday, November 19, 2005


I know I've been missing the last few days. It has been a bizarre week; dominated by the arrival of the rest of the "BACH BEAGLES," Murphy, Harry and Luther, for a week at my house while my folks head to Florida. It is totally WILD KINGDOM here. Luther and Maggie play incessantly; rarely stopping to nap with the rest of the couch potatoes. Harry is getting in there with them now, which reassures me because I found this enourmous growth on him last night that wasn't there when he arrived. It looks like a fluid collection just above his paw. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, nor is it limiting his Harry-esque behaviors. He gets to meet Dr. Soli on Monday, just to be on the safe side.

Today I took an interesting and extremely frightening knitting class, "Fixing lace and cable mistakes." I love Grace. She has incredible patience and the coolest techniques that just make sense. Imagine a swatch with the ten middle stitches dropped down ten rows. Then imagine fixing it without ripping the entire thing back ten rows. This is what we did in class. I melted down after the stockinette, cable and the first lace swatch---but all in all I learned some techniques that will at least avert disaster until I can make it to the yarn shop.

So, to all of you whom I declared, "they call it a breakup because it is broken," to today. Thanks for letting me air my feelings. I'm not trying to influence anyone, but wanted to share why you might not see me as often. Of course, you can always find me here at knitty delicious .

n jjhghjl, <------ Luther gave the computer the paw and typed this all by his beagle self!

I'm going to sit by the fire and knit tonight...
And by the way, nice win BUCKEYES!

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