Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Flash Gordon SUCKS

Yesterday was a high holy day:

Phillies Opening day at Citizens Bank Park.
Of course I had tickets.

It was Ellen's first opening day! Thanks for bailing little Petey!

The weather was lovely!

Perfect for opening day...wet, windy and cool (not cold). But the wet was really just a "mist" that subsided by the time we had parked and headed into the ballpark.

We headed right to my favorite spot: Chickie and Pete's for Crab Fries

And became one with the cheese cup

I also had my inaugural hot dog This one is for you Trish.

There was lots of pomp and circumstance; including what I thought was a giant slip and slide...

Sadly it was just MLB's version of a "red carpet." I still think it would have been better to have them run and slide in for an entrance.

There was one army jumper and a really big flag

And then it was time to play ball.

And yes, Chase and Jimmy both hig homeruns and yes, we were tied going into the ninth inning after brilliant pitching by JC Romero. And then, Flash crapped on our parade.

I know it's a long season...161 games to go...countdown to 100 losses, 99.

I love this team.

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joann, wynnewood said...

you are a scream. you know you love the Phillies. I know you love the crab fries. The dog looked good too. Enjoy.