Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another visit to the bridge

Harry Beary O'Carey Reilly Bach aka "the cowardly lion" went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Late last night he lost use of his rear legs. Mom and Dad kept him comfortable through the night, loved him and said their good byes. The vet confirmed their fears, he had ruptured another disc in his back. At his age, surgery would not be appropriate and there was no guarantee he would survive, let alone recover.

My parents made the most difficult decision and gave Harry the most wonderful gift.
He joins his family at the bridge, Casey, Max, Molly and Murphy.

Take care of each, howl, eat all the greenies you can, and know we will all be together again some day.

We love you Harry...I will miss you and all the things that made you the King of the Six Pack.


AmyDe said...

I'm so sorry. Love and prayers to all of you.

Elysbeth said...

A hard decision but also a loving one. Take care of each other.

Martha said...

So sorry to read this post. The kindest and best thing to do is so often the hardest and most painful. My thoughts are with you and your family. I trust your memories will comfort you.

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

You guys are having a rough year with your lovely doggy family. Well, tell you mom and dad they gave their all and that's all they could do. Just remember the good things.

Sherry W said...

Hug your parents for me, and teh rest of the pack too.

Lisa said...

I am so sorry that the Bach pack has lost another much loved member. I'll find you on Saturday for the hugs.