Thursday, April 03, 2008


So, when over a VHUP the other day giving mom and dad the grand tour, we weighed Finn.

He weighed in at...47.5 pounds!

Beagle basset my ass...he is a beagle bison alligator mix.

Rory, Harry and Luther visited and I snapped a few cute pictures...

As you can see, Finn is at least twice Rory's size...but at leasy they still fit in the recliner together.

And here is the old married couple, Lady Margaret and Lord Luther. They totally adore each other and snuggled for much of the day yesterday.

During nap time, I slept with 5 of the six pack. Harry is certainly an elder statesman...he chose to stay downstairs on the couch rather than take on the stairs mid day. He did snuggle with me last night though.

It was a quick visit for mom and dad. They went to see "Young Frankenstein" in NYC yesterday. I am very proud of their ability to navigate their trip and return in one piece.

They are on their way back to the Cape now...The Philly dogs miss the rest of the six pack already...poor Finn seemed so depressed this morning...for about 5 minutes.

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