Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You 'outta be in a magazine article

Me and my group are famous!!!

Thanks to Mike for the awesome write up and wonderful tribute to my clients and their pets!!!!


joann, wynnewood said...

Great article. I'm proud to "know" you. I think what you do is amazing. I wouldn't have what it takes because I still cry over my Ziggy and he's been gone for about 7 years. And he's been succeeded by Ozzy the amazing Puli. Thanks for what you do.
I hope you're taking off on Monday for opening day. You deserve it - and crab fries too.
Now, on the down side, I've been diagnosed with carpel tunnel in both hands - all from making socks. I don't care, I won't quit!!

Lisa said...

That is indeed a wonderful article. Congratulations!

I want more! I have a food fixation issue :) Great catching up with you over dinner.

Ciao bella,

joann, wynnewood said...

Tomorrow is the big day - opening day! You must be chomping at the bit! Good luck.