Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ides of March

Holy did it get to be March 15th?
So much has been going on! Work is getting crazy busy...we got the general go ahead to move forward with our caregivers up we meet with more vets and some patients and start writing our lit review for publication. We are so hard core ground breaking.

But even cooler, spring is coming! I took these photos yesterday

Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinth sprouting in the front yard

Cherry Tree blooming next door

A lone crocus in my front yard

Also, Happy Birthday to my sister---you fierce trani hot mess!!!!
And, Finney is 7 months old. Check out the transformation of the cutest beagle basset I know...well he's the only beagle basset I know...
Finn at 3 months:

Finn at 7 months:

Isn't he growing up! He is actually growing into those paws! Thursday he went to work with me and had a great time...he also behaved REALLY well.

Here is Finney at work...

He is clearly living the life of Riley...

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