Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finish Phobic or Lack of Inspiration

Wow...two blog posts in one day. I'm killing time before tonight's pet loss group and I was surfing around on Ravelry. There are so many gorgeous things out there to knit...and god knows I have enough yarn to pretty much knit it all. But lately I have found myself unable to finish a damn thing. I must have started like 6 different scarves over the past few months...all of them have maybe 10-30 rows done and then I just...lost interest. I was making good progress on the bell sleeve pullover I found in the UFOs...but now it is nearing the end of March and I know darn well I won't be wearing that sweater until next Winter...so why finish it now? In fact, let's take an inventory of crap I need to finish:
  1. Stuff for Heather--cannot go anything further into this but there is a ____ and a ____ and some_____ that need to get done before the shower (May 17th) . Let's not forget the wardrobe of soakers she has requested.
  2. Something for Carolyn's baby. Now, does it count as not finished if I haven't started it yet? I'm going to do Baby Surprise (my first) and likely we will make a _____ for her too.
  3. Modern Quilt Wrap- I remember seeing this gem in Folk Style and searching high and low for the yarn because I "HAD TO HAVE IT." I got through maybe 6 blocks. Again...I won't be needing a mohair monstrosity anytime soon...I'm planning on picking it up when I go on vacation in August.
  4. Entrelac Extravaganza-One of my LOVELY beagles ate my beloved Noro entrelac scarf...but not to worry...I love entrelac and was more than willing to make another. I decided to go with a wider version---not quite a scarf but also not quite a stole. I pick it up every few weeks and do a few entrelac block rows because ENTRELAC IS LIKE CRACK. It will be gorgeous when I get it done...in September (another vacation project).
  5. The hex afghan. Trish and I came clean this weekend that we HATE IT and HATE the Yarn-- so ABANDON SHIP...
  6. Kimono Shawl...loving it except that it is BORING! I've done three repeats and have reached a point where I need to FOCUS on it and just knit it for a few weeks and get it done...But then all this baby crap gets in the way...but I really want to be knitting lace

There it is. I really want to be knitting lace. Mostly because it is interesting and challenging and lovely. I've got a huge collection of amazing lace yarn and I was an amazing collection of equally amazing shawls, stoles and scarves all in lace. So, how do I justify answering to the needs of my inspiration gods and the gods of multiple baby gifts- and, actually finish something that makes me feel like I can--be satisfied?


joann, wynnewood said...

Whenever I go on ravelry I find myself on knitters for Obama. a few of the girls have hand dyed yarns in his honor. I bought audacity and am currently making socks to wear on election day. i've yet to receive my yes we can, but look forward to it. The fascinating thing is that there are over 1000 Obama people and only 167 for Hillary. I've found that creative people tend to be supporting him - there's another demographic they need to look into. I'm glad Maggie is feeling better. You must have been in a panic when she had the seizure. We do love our pets don't we?
If you ever come out to Ewe and I again, let me know. I'd love to meet you for coffee and a nosh.

Sherry W said...

How about just whip out some baby booties or hats and be done with it?? I know your friends must be very worthwhile to get all those handknit goodies, but I don't think the kids would go nekkid if you don't do it all.