Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Newsflash: I am a sap

I know I haven't been blogging much this month...I'm just overwhelmed with it being December, the end of another year, and approaching the end of my "probation" period at VHUP. I can't believe I have been working here for almost 4 months! Even more exciting, my first UNIVERSITY Christmas break, commencing Friday thru 1/1! GIDDYUP! I'm headed to the Cape for major beagle six pack reunion. We are all very interested to see what happens when we reunite the "twins" (Maggie and Luther) and the "sibs" (Finn and Rory) after they have pledged their love to others (Maggie/Finn; Luther/Rory)...

Also thrown into the mix, my sister's dogs, Riley, a doberman/coonhound mix also known as "big boy." Sure, he could eat Gus, but Gus howls ferociously at Riley and scares the crap out of him. Gus is the alpha. Ali and Mike also have Abby, a terrier mix we call "fluffy." She's a cutie pie, but she LOVED Murphy and we don't know how she will do without him.

The holiday is bittersweet; we are THRILLED to have welcomed Finn and Rory into the family, but I think both my parents and myself thought Molly and Murphy would be here this year for another Christmas. Mom got cute ornaments with both of their names on them and I'm taking Molly's up to their house to put on the tree.

Work is WINDING down...in fact it is downright slower than molasses in January. I can't wait for Friday.

So what have I been up to?
Well Sunday was annual cookie making extravaganza with Elizabeth, Heather and Carolyn.

I can't tell you how many dozens of cookies we made; but man they are good

We made a few different varieties including:

Snowballs (Elizabeth's recipe), Chocolate Krinkles (a Bach family fave), Peanut Blossoms, Corn-Flake Wreaths (Heather's speciality) and our new fave, White Chocolate/Macadamia/Cranberry cookies (a Tyler Florence recipe courtesy of Carolyn). YUM YUM YUM

Last night, I met up with Jen and the kids for our annual romp through Plymouth Meeting Mall---I mean we went to see Santa and exchanged gifts. I was SOOOOOO excited to give the kids their scarves; Alex proclaimed, "Oh yes, a scarf! I always wanted a scarf from Auntie Bach!"

I love these kids! The woman taking photos of the kids at the Santa booth asked if Jen and I were sisters, to which we proclaimed, "sisters from another mother" and had a big hug. Thanks for being such great family to me Wynne's!

Oh, Finn. He is amazing. He has settled in so nicely, it is like he belongs here.

He plays with Maggie ALL THE TIME, which is good for both of them. She is still an attention whore, and is acting out accordingly. Sometimes, Gus and I just sit on the couch and watch them roll around the living room. I just love this picture of the three of them asleep on the couch

Gus, Maggie and Finn; snoring away....

Today is my first VHUP holiday lunch and Thursday my last HUP Christmas party (likely).

Between now and then, support group, knitting circle holiday party, exchanging gifts with Trish, laundry, packing, wrapping, eating cookies...So likely I'll post again when I arrive on Cape and have lots more picture of a Bach Beagle family Christmas.

And why am I a sap? Ellen MADE me watch, "The Notebook" the other night and warned me, get a box of tissues. I said, "I don't cry at movies." I SOBBED for the last 20 minutes and am now officially in LOVE with Ryan Gosling. I guess I CAN emote...must be on the right dose of Paxil...

Happy Holidays

Knitty D, Gussy, Magpie and Finnegan

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JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Those scarves are so cute. Those dogs are so cute. Those cookies look so delicious. I'm glad you have a nice vacation coming up. Enjoy! Enjoy!