Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not by the hair on my finney finn finn

Crap it has been a crazy week...yet at work it just DRAGGED on and on and on.
Now Saturday is just about over with and I just cannot bare to knit tonight. I'm really tired.

I sang in Carolyn's sister wedding today---traditional Catholic Mass in a non tradition setting, the Merion Tribute House. It was very long and my feet were really aching by the end of it. The singing was ok, had to wing it in a few places, but its done.

So I have two things left to finish knitting; Allison's gift and the second dragon scarf. Then the holiday knitting will be done! But for some reason, I can't work on either project. B-O-R-E-D.

Tomorrow I am going to BUCKLE DOWN and watch it Snow-Sleet-Rain and really try to make some progress with both. I keep trying to tell myself that if I finish these projects, I can start new, non-boring projects.

Oh, and the big project, Finnegan. That is going pretty well. He has a clue about going outside...we are down to about 2 accidents a day...he's sleeping well at night; and after a few hours, seems to end up in bed with us. He is a champion snuggler. Maggie seems to enjoy having a playmate and some of her bad behaviors have started to improve. Gus...well Gus is barking at Finn a lot and asserting himself as the Alpha. Note to Gus, we get are in charge. Finn loves rawhide. He has no front teeth...his baby teeth have fallen out already. He went to meet Dr. Soli on Tuesday. We figured he is 14 weeks old. He weighs 21 pounds and his microchip has migrated to the side of his neck. Justin thinks he is going to be about a 45 pound dog. It is hard to imagine this because right now...he is just so small. Last night, he howled. He is learning about his voice. It is the funniest thing. I am udderly in love with him...and had forgotten how wonderful it is to have a three dog night, every night.

Okay, I'm going to knit for a little bit longer and then retire to sleep off the hangover of this Catholic Mass.

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