Friday, October 05, 2007


At the very least we got to:

Eat Crab Fries

Take Funny Photos of Heather and food

See the bell ring again...

Actually play in the NLDS

See the stands full of people dressed in red with rally towels

Sit in the sun in the 85 degree heat in OCTOBER

Remember Tug...

Look cute in our matching outfits and buy a really expensive NLDS program


EmilyG said...

Ah, well - that's something anyway. :)

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

It ain't over til it's over! - which should occur tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I can't stand it any more and I have to ask.

What on earth are crab fries?????

They look like crinkled french fries. Do they have anything to do with crabs???

I don't have a blog or web page, so I am just anonymous. But I'm dying to know... please tell me!