Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Needing my people...

I'm feeling a little withdrawn from the yarn world these days...which is strange given my new love of Ravelry. With the new job, I can't really get to knitting circle as I'm at Ronald McDonald House most Wednesday night. So, what could possibly remedy this malady?


Yeah, its this weekend and yeah it's only an hour and a half away.

So I've decided to go, "just to look," at stuff, since I'm going to Rhinebeck next weekend.
And what a better excuse to "be with my people," as I explained to Ellen.

Plus, I get to eat crabs, crab cakes, crab soup etc.

Oh, speaking of knitting...I'm am 7 short rows (@300 + stitches per row) from finishing the Sarah Blanch variation shawl in koigu. It is yummy...I am hopeful to finish it tonight sometime between Beauty and the Geek and House.

Maude will from now on, be better known as "the bitch." The bitch screwed herself up again last week (it certainly wasn't me!) requiring another trip to Courtney. It's next up on the finish it list and then I'm starting the Honeybee Stole from KnitSpot. Unclear what yarn I'm going to do it in, but I love the pattern.


Sherry W said...

That dang honeybee is calling to me too. Forget I have tons of shawls waiting for me to knit them.

Lisa said...

Ahhh...we have noticed that you've been absent weds nights and were wondering what was up. see you soon?