Friday, June 29, 2007


The murder rate in Philly is now over 200. It isn't even July yet. They are dropping like flies. So what does our esteemed mayor decide to do to combat the violence?

Set up a lawn chair on 16th Street outside the AT&T store and wait in line for an IPHONE.
Seriously, is there NOTHING more pressing he could be working on?


Ceme Knits said...

I hope he used one of his vacation or personal days to sit out there like an idiot and wait for an iphone. Dumba**!

The City of Philadelphia should dock em for abuse of time!

Lisa said...

Apparently you aren't the only one with that opinion! :) Check out this news story!!

angela said...


JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Now lets be fair - he is already equipped with a cell phone and blackberry. These are not crime fighting instruments but, it seems, neither are the police. People in Philly need to clean up their act - if you see a crime witholding information is obstruction of justice and these people should be prosecuted. Also, we need to jump on the state legislators (speaking of bullshit and unbelievable) and make gun control the law in this state. PA is trapped in the 18th century with gun control being just one issue. Knitters unite and lobby your legislator - especially the balless democrats.
PS - who needs a $600 phone? Just think how much yarn that could buy!

cecily said...

Out of curiousity and randomness...I just verified you as an SP11 participant...and I'm wondering what happened to your podcast. I enjoyed what I was listening to!