Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Negligent blogger

Okay, so I finally think I've gotten myself back on track after returning from vacation...only took a week to finish unpacking, doing laundry, get over jet lag and rebond with doggies...not to shabby. Here is what I've been up to:

First, Kudos to my secret pal for the awesome birthday themed box that was waiting for me at my mom and dad's when I returned from Ireland.

I love it!!!!! muchas gracias! I can't believe secret pal 10 is almost over!

I knitted this cute little baby set for a coworker over the weekend.

It's Morehouse Merino's Hat and Booties for the new arrival. Very fast and easy. I'm thinking of stockpiling a bunch.

Maggie has been busy; last night, she played with (ate) the cordless phone.

The Phillies continue to play decent baseball. Shock and awe. I will try my best not to play hokey today and go to the "businesspersons special" at 105pm.

I'm knitting lots of stuff and just realized I need to post photos of the yarn I bought in Scotland and Ireland. Projects in progress include my take on the "Sarah Blanch" shawl from Folk Shawls. I'm doing it in yummy koigu's. I love it, but 310 stitch rows really wear on you after a while. I'm also starting a pair of socks for my friend Steven (who'll be visiting from England in August) in Brooks Farm Acero. So far so good...I'm knitting it on 1's and getting about 7 to the inch. It is interesting yarn, yummy actually, just has a tendency to split a bit. Also in the knittng bag is the Hunter's Safety Stole, which will never get done.

So more regular blogging to follow.

A couple of shout outs to JULIE AND JIM on the pending birth of "JJ." Jules is at Pennsy right now...I expect an update soon...

And to Heather, on her way to spend the summer in Malawi doing research. I miss you already booboo.


Anonymous said...

Knitty D,
I just have to sign on and tell you that I am late to the party with knitting podcasting, but I have now listened to all of them, and Knitty D & the City was the ABSOLUTE BEST of all of them. Now I'm going through withdrawal. I really hope you & Wendy can do some more. Mean time, best wishes!

Lisa said...

Yum,tastes just like chicken! Atleast she wasn't eating that gorgeous silk you brought back from the Isles.