Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This is my 500th post!


I took very few photos as Stitch and Pitch last night because IT WAS HOT AS BALLS and for some reason all the knitters, with all their yarn, were in the sun.

I sweat out at least 6 pounds including the bulls bbq pork sandwich, crab fries and ice cream that I ate.

It was fun! Lots of knitters putting our craft (and selves) out there for the world to see. Little Petey was watching the game and informed me that Sarge and Harry K were having fun commentating about it being Stitch and Pitch night. He said they mentioned Macrame, but not knitting...interesting.

It is too hot to be witty, sarcastic and enlightening for my 500th post so this will have to do.

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JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

I looked for you at the game but, amazingly, there were a lot of knitters and crocheters. I WAS hot as balls. I don't understand why we couldn't be on the 3rd base side in the shade. Oh well, maybe next year. Good game though.
It was fun to see so many people knitting. When Craig threw out the first pitch all I could imagine is he's living every klutzy Jewish boys dream of playing baseball in the majors. LOL. I especially enjoyed the bbq beef sandwich from Bull's but the prices are out of sight. $4 for a coke!! Sitting in front of me were 3 young kids (maybe 7-14) all knitting. That was cool. Well, maybe we'll meet up someplace else - are you coming out to Borders here to get Harry Potter?
Whatever! Stay cool.