Sunday, June 24, 2007

My guys...and weekend update

Where has the weekend gone? It's 11:03 on Sunday night. My anxiety about the work week has already set in...don't worry the bottle of Advil PM is also right next to the bed. Pups are tucked is on. Seemed like as good of a time as ever to be blogtastic.

Friday I dined with my "old school girlfriends, " Jane, Jen and Susan at this lovely little cafe in Chestnut Hill called, "Cafette." I can't believe I have lived in Philadelphia for 12 years and never been there. The atmosphere is perfect; we sat on the outside patio drinking wine and chowing down. It was great to be together with the old HUP posse. I miss you ladies! I'm the only one left working at HUP all these years later...I know, I had to have kids! HAHA
Saturday, I met up with Ellen and her Maltese, Jake. Jake isn't a big fan of other dogs, but Ellen and I decided we would try to socialize him with the beagles. Things actually went pretty well...sure Jake tried a few times to nip at Gus and Maggie's hind quarters, but quite frankly, they could have cared less. We had a lovely walk around University City including a stop at a moving sale where I purchased an antique wicker rocker. It's so comfy, but needs an upholstery overhaul...anyone know anything about this?

Congrats to Trish on passing her driving test with flying colors! Good job Bud! T and I went to see Celtic Woman last night at the Mann. They are very entertaining, but frankly I would rather listen to them sing just traditional Irish songs rather than all that Enya crap.

Finally, today I visited with a few of my boyfriends. First 10 day old Jacob.

He is a very sweet little noodle. After chowing down (thanks mom!), he fell asleep on his Auntie Bach's shoulders. We snuggled hardcore. His real Aunt, Dina, was visiting from California and brought him his cute little Jimmy Hendrix tshirt. SO CUTE!

And then, there is Justin.

What can I say about how cute this kid is? He is melting hearts at two years old. And the kid can eat salsa, let me tell you. We had fun playing in and around the pool and hot tube and wishing that his mommy feels better soon!

I did S**T for knitting this weekend. I screwed up Maude, AGAIN and so I've put it away. It's an easy pattern, why must I keep F***ing it up? While at Rosie's the other day, I came upon some new Dale of Norway lace patterns. Now, they are written for Baby Ull, but I don't really see Baby Ull as a lace shawl yarn. Courtney and I discussed some options and decided Koigu would be a good choice for the shawl I have choosen. I swatched and knitted about 10 rows of it tonight; not enough to photograph just yet, but so far, so good...knock on wood.

I received my Socks that Rock Sock Club installment. The colorway is called "Firefly." I love it and the pattern...I've just got NO clue when I'm going to get to knitting them as I am working on a time frame to finish Steven's socks before the second week of August.

I know, the vacation yarn has yet to be posted. Tomorrow I promise...

See everyone at Stitch and Pitch Tuesday night!!!!

Go Phillies!


EmilyG said...

I looove Caffette! Glad you found it!

JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

See you at the ball game! I'm trying to decide what to bring to knit - something easy on a circular makes sense. I saw Justin in Borders, Wynnewood when Giada was there. He is cute. I recognized the crackers.
Hasta manana Knitty D.

heather said...

Oh my god could jacob and justin be any cuter!
and all that hair on justin- I'm in love all over again

Miss you all