Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stitches Haul

Here's the goodies; in no particular order

My newest scarf; knit on the bias in Blue Moon Periwinkle; Colorway: Puck's Magic

Please ignore ugly background of office

My student Erin models her Morehouse scarf! It looks FABU!

The Koigu I bought for Lucie (; more below

Hoping to dye this lace weight and sock yarn at the Lobster Pot Ladies House over Thanksgiving. I got it at the Yarn Barn of Kansas. It has extraordinary yardage and was about $30 TOTAL. I could get a huge shawl and two pairs of socks from this.

Not TECHNICALLY bought at Stitches; but at the Pre-Stitches Anne-tasma at Knitting Circle last week. This is "Indira Ghandi" Anne. The yarn is NOT BLUE at all; the photos just can't do the colors justice. Not sure yet what this will be when it grows up...obviously a shawl. I've got three skeins though, so I'm thinking about MY FIRST Anne Socks! It is a sock yarn after all.

Two cones of Alpaca Laceweight from Webs. 1700+ yards each for $18 (each). YUMMY. I am going to make a shawl from Victorian Lace today (who am I kidding, I am going to make several shawls from that book), but I already have one picked for the ice blue color (the black one towards the end of the book, sorry don't have it with me!)

Maggie and the "Lucie" Koigu. Now Maggie: Step Away from the Koigu.

Geisha Lace Weight, also from Blue Moom Fiber Arts; Colorway Rooster Rock. It's 800 yards of yumminess. Unclear what it will become; until then, I'll just sleep with it under my pillow.

So, not to shabby.

It's a good day in America. Blue is the new red. Rumsfeld is out. Only two more years of Bush crap and to Barak Obama I say: GET THE CAMPAIGN ON BOY! 2008 is not so far away


Lisa said...

I love your bias scarf! It reminds me of the chunky sweater I just finished sewing together. Maybe I'll come out to Philly just to borrow your scarf! :)

Phoebe said...

Oh I'm drooling all over the keyboard looking at all that yummy yarn. Especially the Puck colorway for the scarf!

Carol said...

Just saw my first Lobster Pot yarn at the weekend (for some reason, it's not carried in every LYS in Boston!). Gorgeous but the cashmere was beyond my budget. Does she have any patterns for just one skein? Would she sell direct to me?
Love the Morehouse scarf! Great job!