Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey, Llamas, Beagles and Holly

Happy Thanksgiving blogiverse! I'm coming to you from scenic Cape Cod, where the Bach family has come together for another holiday of sarcasm, scrabble and soaks (in the hot tub). I drove up Wednesday, hoping to beat the Nor'easter racing up the coast. Thanks to Super T, I was able to get out of dodge around noon. New Jersey went pretty well, until I got to the Tappen Zee bridge where there was a four car pile up. It was pretty much 4 hours between there and New Haven. Thanks to Little Petey for finding me a Starbucks in Westport, Ct. where I was able to recharge with a peppermint mocha. After New Haven we cruised. We made it to the Cape in 8 hours, which, for the day before Thanksgiving, wasn't too bad.

I was greeted by my dad's attempt to put Donovan out of his misery:

Yes, Dad fed the Donovan booble head to his giant Godzilla. Poor Donovan, yet very symbolic of yet another year of Eagle football down the toilet.

On Thursday, Dad ventured out in the wind and rain to collect Ali and Mike at Logan Airport in Boston. Meanwhile, Mom, Grandma and I started cooking. We made Apple Pie, Tollhouse Pie and Pumpkin Bread. Here's a photo of my bread:

Then it was time to pig out on traditional turkey day fare. Sadly, blogger will not let me upload turkey perhaps I'll switch to Hello and upload more there.

On Friday, Mom and I discovered that there is a LLAMA, ALPACA, ANGORA GOAT and SHEEP Farm in West Barnstable. We visited "Knot -a- thot" Farm and were greeted by Toni. She and her hubby relocated to the Cape 6 years ago with their band of 25 Llamas and many rambouillet sheep. Since their relocation they have acquired two Alpaca. Toni gave us a tour of the farm and then showed us her fibers and roving. I purchased a drop spindle and will be needing a tutorial on spinning with a spindle. I also purchased some Llama, a fiber I have not worked with yet. It is deliciously soft and a gorgeous charcoal gray. These llams were very sweet; very domesticated. They came right up to me and smelled the beagles on my hands. They didn't SPIT either (that one is for grandma). I didn't have my Sansa with me, so I wasn't able to interview Toni for the Podcast, but she did agree to a future phone interview!!

I've been busy knitting Geyl (which was appropriate given the GALE force winds we have had the past couple of days). Again, I'll use HELLO to put up photos...

The Six Pack has been having a great time together, barking, howling and chasing each other as well as eating lots of giblets, turkey and rawhide. The weather has actually improved 10 fold today and I spent some time in the hot tub and out back with the beagles knitting.

This afternoon: tennis with Mike, Allison and Daddio. I've got a Sherapova-esque outfit socks match my shirt and I'll be wearing earrings.

Tonight I'm making Paella. My sister is terrified.
Mom and I purchased our plane tickets for Ireland/Scotland too! We are leaving May 19th!!!! We are really going! Allison has decided to join us in Ireland for a week too! The Bach girls in a pub...terrifying I know.

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Lisa said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time at the Cape. I'm so glad you got to see your family--I miss mine at the holidays being so far away from the East coast. I loved the photos of the llamas and alpacas--I wish I could have been there to see them in person!