Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You have GOT to be kidding me

Dateline 1994

Place: The Beach Club: scary, big haired club in Cleveland's Flats where I learned to "get my drink on."

On the TV, captivating the entire crowd--even more than body shots--a white bronco. Inside, OJ and his friend AC. The circus begins.

Dateline Fall 1995
Place: Conference Room at Action AIDS

I'm 7 months from graduation from Penn's MSW program. Gathered in the conference room at ActionAIDS (where I was completing my field practicum), ia the staff glued to the TV again to watch the reading of the verdict in OJ's criminal trial. As the verdict was read, the whites in the room all lowered their heads is disgust and disbelief. The African American's cheered. The trial had managed to polarize the nation along racial lines yet again. Yet in my opinion, this trial wasn't about a black man who killed his white wife and her white friend. This trial was about a crime of incredible violence that resulted in the deaths of two people. And to this day, I believe, that this MAN killed this WOMAN and her male friend.

Today, I'm disgusted to hear that Fox News, in the same vein as their conservative, inappropriate political rhetoric, is doing a tv special with OJ called, "If I did it." But wait, there is also a book by the fantastic football star/accused murderer called, "If I did it." I believe the subtitle is "How I would have killed Nicole and Ron."

After I got the taste of vomit out of my mouth, I reflected on the incredible pathologic (not a word that even I as a mental health professional don't use much) facilitation of this man making an easy buck and the fact that he even has the ability to think about and plan a murder that he "didn't commit." When people tell me they are going to harm themselves or someone else, the first thing I have to ask is, "Do you have a plan?" If they do, we assess these patient's to be at a ten fold higher risk to actually do something then someone who does not have a plan. So, basically FOX and the publishing company who think it is okay to put such unbelievable crap on the bookshelves, are putting his plan into print and justifying it. But, it's okay because, he didn't do it.

I'm grossed out. I have incredible feelings of grief, sadness and anger for those two children that Nicole made with that man, and how they will cope with the publication of this book. And then there is Ron Goldman's family. That man had NOTHING to do with the drama that existed in the relationship between Ron and Nicole. He paid for being a nice guy with his life.

Do not buy this book. Don't look at it in curosity on the tables near the door at the bookstore. Walk directly past it to the knitting books and free yourself. Demand that ANY proceeds this monster stands to make from the selling of this story and publication of this book are immediately paid to Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman's family as part of the 30 million dollar civil award they have yet to see a dime of. Put it out there on your blog how disgusting this is.

Anyone want to design a button for our blogs??????
How about, "I did do it."


Kat said...

Amen, I could not have said it better. It makes me irate (this is an understatement) that the network news gives this airtime!

Liz K. said...

Your blog posting (and I think the general public revulsion at this, Fox Broadcast notwithstanding) serves to further marginalize and shame him. The justice system failed. All we have is our ability to shame and shun.

Justice for Ron and Nicole!

girlie jones knits said...

its crazy - it's almost taunting the public, the justice system and the victims.

Can I link to it on my blog?

Carol said...

Word, sistah. Well said. Disgusting and revolting all the way around. On the bright side, maybe this will provide a basis for Nicole's parents to sue OJ for custody and win.

Carol said...

Absolutely! Well put. The whole thing makes me shake my head with dismay.

Lisa L said...

Hear hear.

buttercup said...

I don't understand why the rich and famous can just say "Oops! Sorry!" and get a pass. Then they get to tell their story and make money off of it.

Why is this acceptable?

If I knew how to make a button I'd do it, but you can count me in for promoting it on my blog.

Lisa said...

I am so totally with you on this one!

Sherry W said...

I totally agree, but really I don't want to 'promote' it any more then it is. The more outrage the more people will watch just out of curiousity. Negative publicity is publicity still, and Fox thrives off this shit.

Wendy said...

How about "I won't do it" (meaning we won't read the book...)

Great post! I couldn't believe what I was reading when the news came out about the book...

calicokitty6 said...

Why is OJ dragging this up again?

This was discussed on a talk show this morning. The suggestion that the proceeds could possibly go to the Goldmans and Browns. Easy way for OJ to get out of making actual payments.

The whole idea of writing a book like this makes me sick.