Sunday, September 17, 2006


-sleeping (sort of)
-snuggling beagles

I'm just a neglectful blogger. I think it was really a difficult week. I was incredibly sad on Monday with the anniversary of 9/11. I couldn't even come close to writing about it. On top of it, all I did, all week long, was hospice referrals. Day after day since last Friday. I know, it goes with the territory when one works by day as an oncology social worker...but the death even gets to me sometimes. Thankfully, Friday brought a repreive from death and dying talk; but not from yet another case of man with wife AND girlfriend! (ie major family crisis, Jerry Springer like family meetings complete with chair throwing).

To get past that angst, Julie, Elizabeth and I went to Audrey Claire for restaurant week. YUMMY! I give it a thumbs up. Also been plugging away at matching Koigu baby hats for my neighbor's twins and Ana's Black Bunny Half Pi Shawl. AND could this week get any better, what with Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Model and Grey's Anatomy premieres???????

I am shipping out the first order of Knitty D and the City stitch markers to the Cape Cod Crew! AND, I'm in the process of posting my yarn for sale on ebay! Thanks to Wendy for helping me plow through the stash. I'm down to 1 bin of Koigu (KPPPM), 1 small bin of Kersti, 1 bin of Noro, 1 bin of Anne and 1 bin of "others." I'll put a link up to my ebay listing once I'm done...but let me just say I have about 40 or so "lots" to post. PLEASE FUND MY NEW IPOD AND TRIP TO RHINEBECK! SHOP EARLY AND OFTEN!

So, I pose this question to my readers...just how much money should I take to Rhinebeck?????

Must go do lesson plans for class this week...I will TRY to be a better blogger...promise.


Kat said...

Can you carry the Federal Reserves with you? :-) Wouldn't that be fun????

Carol said...

Hi! Just checking your blog from the BBhopalong. I've been trying to find Kersti for the past month. Do you have any solid colors? 14 balls? Let me know and maybe I can save you from posting it on ebay. cjb_roe at

webhill said...

Audrey Claire... SIGH. I used to live around the corner and go there ALL the time. Then our son was born and I think we've been there like twice since then. He is six now. SIGH.