Friday, September 01, 2006


I'm still enjoying the spoils of Cape Cod. Wendy arrived yesterday and we have been to FOUR yarn shops AND the Lobster Pot lady's studio ALREADY! Wendy scored some hot Anne, handpainted mohair and Great Adirondeck Alpaca. I've been a bit more restrained...haha. I bought a skein of decadent Frog Tree sock yarn in a colorway that is near and dear to my heart, Scargo. Scargo Lake is a gorgeous spot on Cape Cod not far from where the folks live. I also bought some Sheaffer mohair loop that looks a bit bouchle-ish. It is in colorway Renata Tabaldi. HOT HOT HOT. Then the lobster pot lady offered me (1) her business (to buy in a few years...very tempting) and (2) some orphan skeins of lobster pot cashmere in worsted weight...yum.
Wendy just killed a dozen local oysters and a martini...I went with the shrimp cocktail and my own martini. Anyway, tomorrow we go on a pre-Ernesto Whale Watch (if there aren't gale force winds) and continue to work hard on the next episode of the podcast...hope it dries out for some of my readers...and for those where it is raining, curl up with a good knitting project and GET YOUR KNIT ON!

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