Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well I'm back...a day late thanks to a little bitty snow and ice storm in New England. That meant an extra day to hang out at the Joy House with the 'rents and the bagels. Luther continues to "mature" in leaps and bounds. Maggie and Louie have a theme song now, "Reunited." You know, "reunited and it feels so good...reunited and its understood..."

Anyway, Miami was lovely. It was warm and sunny and breezy. I spent many hours by the pool, sipping "tropical" beverages. Too bad I heard it was 60 degrees in Philly last weekend. That didn't keep me from enjoying the good times; meeting new folks at the conference and reconnecting with some others. I even met up with a friend from the Smith program; which was just awesome.

So, while sitting through a relatively boring, "Medical Update on the Blood Cancers" Session, I came up with some ideas for upcoming blogs...these will include

-why I LIKE Opal Sock Yarn
-The Joy of Knitting during conferences
-up and coming spring knitting projects
oh crap I don't remember; the list is still in my suitcase and I haven't on packed yet. Those are the ones I could remember.

I did finally get my new 'puter up and running...and it is LOVELY. I'm adjusting to the larger keyboard and widescreen display. But it is lighter and svelt(er) and all together super sweet.

Anyway, that is all from knitty d

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