Thursday, January 12, 2006

Missing again

I haven't blogged in the last week. I've been too busy working on home organization and improvements, buying stuff online, chasing Maggie off the dining room table, knitting an entrelac scarf for Kin and socks for dad and doing Sudoku puzzles to think about blogging--let alone the two weddings I am in this summer, planning a trip with mom, getting my sister to understand why mom and I feel it is better to travel in pairs instead of triples, covering for people at work who make 10's of thousands more money than I do (seriously). Needless to say, my plate feels full and I'm a CRABBY PATTY! My January blues have SET IN HARDCORE. I leave for Miami next Thursday morning and am hoping some warm weather and poolside knitting with soothe my soul. At least I have "Dancing with the Stars" to laugh at.

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