Monday, January 02, 2006

Ode to the Half Moon Cookie

When I was growing up, mom used to take us to Grandma and Grandpa's in Utica for extended visits. While there, we made regular trips to the local bakery, Hemstroughs, where we were treated with half moon cookies, if we were good. These were the ultimate of snacks. Allison and I adored them. We would split them and fight over who got more chocolate or vanilla icing...or more cookie for that matter. Last year, while Ali was driving to the Cape for Thanksgiving, she stopped in Utica and bought us some half moon cookies. Little did we know they would be our last. Hemstroughs has since gone out of business. It is a sad day in the Brisson-Bach family.

But, behold, the magic of the greatese cook I know, Barbara. Following my suggestion, she used her Muffin Topper pan to make small round cakes. Then, she frosted them, just like I remembered. Let me just say, my mother is brilliant. These things were the B-O-M-B. Here is the photographic evidence...

Allison, do these not look exactly like the real hald moon cookies?


Sherry W said...

Half moons are my favorite cookie ever! Your from Utica? I grew up in Ithaca and everyone things it's crazy I don't call these "Black and Whites" like they do in NYC.

Please post how to make these bad boys- it's hard to find them around here. Sometimes the coffee shop next to the WAWA across from Rosie's has them.

Micki Hiltz said...

Come to North Syracuse. Mario's Bakery makes the best half moons.