Friday, February 16, 2007

Phillie of the Week

Gearing up to opening day, I thought I'd start a new knitty D feature: Phillie of the Week. Now, I don't LOVE all members of the Philadelphia Phillies, and love of Christina is NOT a pre-req to being Phillie of the Week. No, I just want all of you out there in NON PHILLIE land to know and love the team that I love to hate and hate to love---all they do is break my heart.

So, this week's Phillie is:


He's big and beefy and he hits a lot of home runs.
Sure, he can't field THAT well...his size precludes him from those diving plays down the line. But the hitting makes up for that.

Next up: A phillie I hate...can you guess who?


EmilyG said...

Hmm. I think I can guess... One who shares his initials with Peanut Butter?

Lisa said...

Awww........PB isn't so bad.......

Looking forward to the season....bought my tickets during a presale yesterday!!!