Thursday, February 22, 2007

Phillie of the Week: Pat Burrell

Ugh...Pat. Yes the man has one of the best butts in baseball, making those left field seats at Citizens Bank Park that much more special, but he just has never been what he was supposed to be.

How many games have I watched him strike out with runners in scoring position?

How many games have I seen him botch a play while picking his nose in the field?

And how many more games will there be?

Frankly, the Phils are "held hostage" by his no trade clause, and quite frankly, who would want him?

So, we are stuck again with Pat and his bulldog...and of course, there is always hope.

Next week: Multiple Phillies of the Week---my trifecta of greatness; Aaron "take one for the team"Rowand, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley.

In two weeks: The Phillie Pitching Staff

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Midnight2sticks said...

I love Jimmy Rollins too!