Monday, February 26, 2007

Christina and Heather's Oscar Fashion Review

I wasn't going to write an Oscar Fashion Review Blog; but Heather insisted and even helped me pick the "loves", the "ehhhhhhhs" and the "leave it's."

My pick for Best Dressed: Kate Winslet.

This gentle green color hints that Spring is just around the corner. Kate looks amazing, polished, put together. Her makeup and hair are uber-glam.

Heather's pick for best dressed: Reese Witherspoon.

You've got to hand it to the girl, divorce suits her. Again, great hair, makeup, dress... AMAZING! Leaves many asking, Ryan who????

The "Goddess was so Golden Globes" Award to :

Jennifer Lopez. Not only does she look preggers, but the whole thing reeks of "Clash of the Titans" remake. And WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HER HAIR??? Also, if your booty is your best feature, why hide it under YARDS of gauzey material that drapes like a curtain?

The "kiss my age appropriate ass" award:

Helen Mirren...I love everything about Helen and this dress. It's glam, gorgeous and the perfect style for her...but if I hear one more fashionista say this was "age appropriate" I am going to scream. This phrase really only applies to those under 20 who wear age INappropriate clothing not to women in their 60's with TASTE!!!!

Remember when we were kids, and we had the spirograph? It was a little plastic doody that allowed you to make really cool geographic designs? I imagine the spriograph going crazy ALL OVER GWENYTH. Also, why would you want to draw attention to your BELLY BUTTON. The color is WRONG, the CUT is WRONG, the HAIR is WRONG and above all, the LIPSTICK is WRONG!!!!!! NO NO NO!!!

Just because you've been nominated 14 times doesn't give you license to wear inca jewelry and a "blouse" to the OSCARS! It a FORMAL AFFAIR!

I've written about Rachel Weisz before: both bad and good---but now she's post baby and looking fab...except there is TOO MUCH going on around her boobies...If she had lost the necklace, it would have been perfect. The hair is very old fashioned Hollywood.

Oh Cameron...why...who...why...why

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE KIRSTEN DUNST!?!?! The collar, the feathers, the sequins...pick ONE style and go with it!

I love you Jodie---but not this dress. Wrong color...makes you look like you are the walking dead. Sorry sweetie, but this isn't the look for you.

AHAHHHHHHHHH! Anne Hathaway---speaking of age inappropriate?! And what is with the white lace with the black butterfly/bow? WRONG WRONG WRONG

The lady in red...I can break her in two over my knee...she's too damn skinny!..Please quell all pregnancy rumors...I an ice maiden now and forever more...No that isn't a growth on my neck

Worst dressed, inappropriate, slutress nasty: Kelly Preston. Really, LEOPARD PRINT --again this is the Oscars, not PORN!

I'm torn about Beyonce---I like the dress, the color---she's amazing looking...but what is with the stones/beads thing on top and up her shoulder. If that was gone, she could compete with Reese and Kate.

Jessica Biel is hot these days, but this looks like something Barbie would wear to a party at the Barbie Dream House. I also HATE belts and formal wear. This wasn't working for me.

Cate Blanchett is AMAZING! I love this beaded, metallic number. It fits her PERFECTLY and validates her ultra chic, modren persona. LOVE HER!

Love Penelope...Love the Dress...until the bottom-that is a lot of meringue But, it worked for the Oscar and she was nominated for Best Actress...Meryl Streep , this is how a best actress nominee should look.


Anonymous said...

So where are you guys and will there ever be another podcast??? I'm worried about wendy and i don't even know her. Please tell us all is well....

Bob said...

Kate Winslet is best dressed? are you out of your mind?

That ruins your credibility right there.

Carol said...

I agree with your top picks (sorry, Bob). And you are dead-on when it comes to Anne Hathaway. That dress was atrocious, and quite honestly, she's overly made-up -- looks like a Robert Palmer girl.

Anonymous said...

Kate Blanchett's dress was exquisite. I think the head of Scientology picked Kelly Preston's dress - ugly. Helen Mirran is fabulous. That little bobble she wore on the BACK of her dress was something too.
F*** Nicole. She's cold and plastic. She's the Barbie that my kids would throw down the toilet.
So what are you knitting these days. I've got too many projects - a lace shawl, socks, sweater for the hubby, an afghan in the bag and I need to make a hat for someone having a baby. UGH! How does that happen? I use to think I was sane and did one project at a time - but now.....
Have a good day.

Elysbeth said...

I agree with the first Anonymous...worried about y'all. In the meantime, ROFL about your comments on Oscar Fashion. Just goes to, skinniness, professional wardrobe person....can't buy you taste.