Friday, December 29, 2006

An Ode

Today is a sad day for me as a knitter and a social worker.
It is with sadness that I write about the death of a patient and a knitting pal, Melody.
I met Melody earlier this year when she was in the midst of her battle against Leukemia. She had heard about me from other staff members and always referred to me as the "knitting social worker." Just last week, Trish and I helped Melody plan color stripes on the sleeves of a sweater she was making for her husband. In a parallel universe, without leukemia, Melody would have been a strong member of our knitting circle and likely a good friend. Even though her cancer brought us together, our bond was through knits and purls.

This one is for you Mel. We will miss your strength, grace, optimism and beauty. Above all, I'll miss sharing the joy of the yarn with you.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Christina. My thoughts are with you, Trish, and Mel's family today.

Carol said...

I'm very sorry, Christina. Melody sounds wonderful and I"m sure she treasured your friendship.