Sunday, December 17, 2006

Knitty D got run over by a reindeer...

Other than a few hoof marks, I'm recovering.
Its been a busy few weeks, with holiday parties, shopping, Christmas cards, decorating, visiting, collecting gifts for our "adopted" family, playing with beagles, going to the post office, teaching two classes, grading papers, working...blah blah. Oh and yes, I've been knitting...Geyl is HUGE and nearing completion. I've also started "argosy" from the winter issue of and yesterday, I took out the 2/3 finished North Sea Shawl to start working on again (will need to be done and blocked by January 16th if I want to give it to grandma as a late xmas present).

This week I shift the focus to wrapping and preparing for the coming of the parental units and the beagles in four short days. Oh and of course, KNITTING.

Yesterday was KNIT O RAMA, holiday style complete with chocolate fountain. I'll post a play by play and photos I've got to finish watching the finale of Survivor.

Peace to my loyal readers...sorry I've been so non bloggy for the last few weeks.

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Lisa said...

It's just that time of year! I've been equally non-bloggy because the last couple weeks of school before a vacation are intense for teachers. Enjoy your time with your parents and puppies!