Monday, December 04, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

An Elf in the form of Trish came over yesterday and helped me put up my Christmas tree. It's hard to imagine that one would require directions to set up a PRE LIT tree---but we did and of course, I lost them. Then I found them...not in Maggie's mouth. After that, it was a piece of cake.

Here is the hearth, where the "stockings were hung...with care" and the fire was keeping me toasty.
The tree: a 7.5 foot fake from Target. Note to dad, we've got to pack it up again like this for storage (HAHA)
Trish and I worked forEVER to "fluff" the tree and get the top on straight.

Then came the ornaments...and VOILA! Here is the finished product! I LOVE IT!!

Christina's decorating tip- excess Christmas Balls (I said balls) make a great centerpiece. Pile them haphazardly in a vase and you've got a great looking table!

I've completely given up on Holiday knitting...I just don't care if you guys get anything knitted this year...I need to knit Geyl for there!

I keep freaking my secretary out everyday because I've done all my shopping online and I'm getting about 5 boxes a day delivered to work. Makes getting home LOTS of fun...not. So it's busy and crazy and there is lots to do...but I think the Christmas cards, and wrapping and baking can wait...I need to feel the fiber between my fingers.


Lisa said...

We decked our halls yesterday too, and in the spirit of ignoring work, I left a bunch of grading at school just so I could come home to play with Maude and my sock in progress. Knitting is therapy!

AmyDe said...

I think my kids will mutiny if I don't get the tree, etc. up this weekend. I love "I've completely given up on holiday knitting" - you go for it - Knit something for yourself! I'm still hanging on to holiday crafting - you should see my list on the blog today - you'll feel much better about your decision! Wish me sanity (and hot toddies).

The "Halls" look great!