Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Joyhouse South! It's been an extremely eventful weekend. Thank god for that extra day off as I spent all day Saturday making love to the porcelain goddess with a case of food poisoning vs. 24 stomach flu. By Sunday, I was HUNGRY and 5 lbs lighter. While nursing myself back to health with diet ginger ale, low salt saltines and lots of beagle loving, I was also entrusted to babysit St. Bernard Hamilton. Thank god my parents are here and were SO helpful with the care and love of Hammy. Oh, yes, my parents are here, which means there were 6 beagles and a Hammy.
Hammy is in one word, Massive.

This dog drools in gallons and his poops require a shovel for adequate clean up. But he is also a love who truly believes he weighs but 12 pounds and would like to sit on your lap. Special thanks to Little Petey for sleeping in the lounge with Hammy after he cried in the kitchen.

Mom and I have also been busy cooking; blueberry scones, brunch bake, butternut squash, spinach salad, prime rib, baked potatoes, crescent rolls, fresh squeezed OJ...oh it goes on and on.

We enjoyed Christmas Eve at the Wynne's. There was much merriment, screaming for Santa and "Christmas Tree Time" with Alex.

Mom and I also checked in at Rosie's, where mom purchased some Koigu for her Sarah Blanch Shawl from Folk Shawls and I delved into some new sock yarn...yes Wendy, I am a slut.
Wendy will also tell you that I purchased two skeins of Anne in a gorgeous varigated green for Parthenope. Wendy, I'm going to rehab with the rest of the celebrities.

Christmas was gift filled and joyous. I cleaned up on kitchen goods, including a food processor and a stick blender. I also got some new books, the Christopher Guest 3 pack DVD set, a lovely necklace from my sister, some goes on and on. It was unreal.

Cleaning up for the second year in a row was Little Petey. He scored his Ijuke Jukebox complete with disco lights and subwoofer. Sadly blogger has decided NOT to cooperate with photo loading AGAIN (anyone have any suggestions for this ongoing issue???) and I cannot share the joy. But imagine my father deciding to set the ijuke up in the kitchen which is below my bedroom. Yes I was napping, but not for long, as soon the floor began to vibrate thanks to the power of the subwoofer. Dad is clearly in his element with the Ijuke.

The pups enjoyed the day too. They had lots of greenies, rawhide and yes, even some prime rib.
All in all, we had a lovely holiday---hopefully the Eagles will seal a victory against Dallas, which would just be a cherry on top.

So Merry Christmas to all from the Bach's and the Beagles...tomorrow it's back to the grind...


bbstewart said...

Merry Christmas Knitty D!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you got your eagles wish!

Donna said...

What a great Christmas spent with family, and most especially lots of furry friends!

Glad you are feeling better!