Friday, June 27, 2008

One week...

...since I last blogged and SOOOOO much has been going on!

Last Saturday, I made a skirt...a whole skirt. And, it fits ('s too big and I need to move the "button hole" that I wrap it through) But, I love it and it is gorgeous and comfy and I feel very accomplished. I'm planning on wearing it for my parents party next weekend.

Sunday, I went to the Phillies game with Car, Ranu, Trish, Arthur and Heather. We sat in the FRONT ROW on top of the Phillies dugout. Sure, we lost...but they were the most amazing seats EVER. I will post photos in a bit...but let's just say, I was able to do some quality stalking of Patty and Jason.

Monday Gus passed his therapy dog test! Congrats to Gussy! You are a ROCK STAR!

Last night, I finished the tote bags for mom, Ali, Grandma and Jenni. Then decided I needed to make a little girl bag for Juliana...which I'll work on tonight.

Now I'm getting geared up for Cape Cod next week and THE PARTY!!! Yeah!

Congrats to Trish and Arthur on their wedding! Can't wait to see the photos
Still no babies to brag about.