Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ode to the Seam Ripper

Since I've been sewing...all of about three weeks now, I have developed a close, personal relationship with the seam ripper. I encourage all new sewers to do the same, as this odd looking little device really is the most wonderful thing in the world of sewing. We don't have its equivalent in knitting...sure we frog things like mad, but there is something about actually DESTROYING the stitches that you have screwed up that is strangely therapeutic.

Last night I made two more pillows and I LOVE THEM! They were super easy. I used the "envelope pillow" pattern from S.E.W. Everything Workshop (a great book for beginners recommended to me by sewing com-patriot Kathy. I'm obsessed with them because I can actually follow the pattern and make something UNSUPERVISED. Very exciting.

Next up, a wrap skirt???

Tonight though, I'm knitting...laying in front of the air conditioner, watching the Phillies and knitting...

Please let this be the last day of the heat wave.