Sunday, November 11, 2007

Visiting the 'burgh

Yeah I've been a little MIA...but I have really good reasons.

I gave my first talk/training as a Veterinary Social Worker and I was GOING BONKERS getting myself together, finishing power point slides and lamenting leaving Gus and Mags for three days.

But the best part was that the talk was in Pittsburgh so I got to spend some quality time with two of my closest pals in the world, and also fellow Woosterites, Annie and Connie.

Annie and I visited the Andy Warhol museum Friday night in Pittsburgh. It's an interesting place. We both decided there wasn't a whole lot of actual Andy Warhol stuff there. But, the place does provide great space for artists "inspired" by Warhol to be seen. Let's just say there was lots of pieces featuring penis' and boobs.

My favorite Warhol piece, the Cow/Cow Wall Paper:

What is super great about the Warhol; you can take photos of all of Andy's works. Here's a few more:

Saturday brought breakfast and awesome pancakes at Pamela's followed by shopping in Shadyside. Then we were off to visit Connie and her family, including new arrival (3 1/2 week old Amaya).

Connie also has a six year love muffin, Isabela, who met her match in her Auntie Bach. We became fast friends...I hadn't seen Isabela since she was 10 months old. Here are a few photos of our visit:


Amaya says, "Talk to the hand."

I snuggle with Amaya

Annie, Me, Connie and the girls

Angel and Amaya

So, it was an awesome trip-I'm still super tired and Maggie is acting out through destruction to show me that I shouldn't be leaving her again.

In regards to knitting-this is my pact:

I'm only knitting the stuff in my knitting bag from now until the Christmas projects are finished. In the bag: 1) The Hunter's Safety Stole 2) The Dragon Scarves (3) Allison's gift (4) My So Called Scarf and 5) Brooks Farm Ribbed Scarf

Mom and I have plans to have our own knit-a-long over the Holidays; we are going to make "Kimono" shawl. We both purchased Blue Moon Fiber Arts "Laci" and mom is really feeling like she wants to make the leap to lace. So, I've got a lot to get done between now and December 22nd when my Christmas break starts. On that note, must get knitting.


JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

I'm a Pittsburger, eating at Pamela's quite often, and visiting family. You missed a really good yarn shop in Squirrel Hill called Knit One. There also was a shop called Pittsburgh Knit and Bead but they closed.
I liked the baby pictures. I hope your power point presentation went well. I hope you enjoyed your trip. Get some rest, snuggle with the dogs and get knitting - Christmas is almost upon us.

Ellen said...

As a former Pittsburgh suburbite (Beaver and Cranberry Twp.) the fall is a great time to visit. I agree that the Knit One is a great store - don't forget to visit Heinz Field!