Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Carnage

Since my folks are in Florida celebrating the holiday with Grandma, I was invited to join Ellen and her folks for Ellen's Birthday/Thanksgiving Dinner at The Prime Rib.

The restaurant is typically a bit out of my league, but I'm telling you, from now on, if I want big meat, this is the place I'm going. No, I didn't miss the turkey either, since we are having it on Saturday over here at my house.
It is a lovely place, with perhaps the most interesting, leopard print carpeting you'll ever see.

I had butternut squash soup, ceasar salad, filet mignon (cooked perfectly!), mashed sweet potatoes, sauteed spinach and to top it all off, a hot fudge sundae. It was awesome.

El's dad got the Prime Rib and had his bone wrapped up for Jake. The bone was bigger than Jake's head. Sam was then nice enough to ask the waiter if they happened to have any other bones "laying around" since I had four beagles at home.

The next thing I know, our lovely waiter brings out a SLAB of Prime Rib End, a total of six juicy bones. When I got home, I weighed it...FOUR POUNDS!!!

The dogs went MAD. I managed to get a few photos...none of Mags as she took her bone outside and killed it in the back yard...but here are Gus and Harry loving their bones:


I also NEED to thank my secret pal for her FABU spoiling of me over the last several months. I received my final package on Tuesday...THANK YOU BETSY!!! You were an awesome pal!!!

Here's a little peek at the goodies:

I wish the handknit dishcloth with a turkey design knitted into it would have photographed better! SO COOL. And these are now officially my favorite candy bar. I love the Christmas ornaments for the dogs...I'll just need another one for Finn!!!

Anyway, I'm off to Bed Bath and Beyond to cash in on a little black friday fun.

Tommorrow the pups come home...oh mom and dad are naming theirs "Rory."
And tomorrow is also the infamouse Saturday after Thanksgiving Dinner here...14 people, 6 dogs...should be awesome.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked everything... I just picked up some more dog bone ornaments yesterday. I'll make on for Finn..